Born for Greatness

Först TR6

Feed Capacity : 6" X 8"
HP : 35HP
Fuel : Diesel
Weight : 1300kg
trailer to suit also available
If you really want the best of every world, then the TR6 will float your boat. This is the narrow access machine with absolutely no limitations, and compromises nothing. When customers gave us a wish list of all the things they wanted from a 6” tracked chipper, we didn’t skimp on one of them – we just maximised them all! This is the result…



Feed Roller Aperture :: 6” x 8” (150 x 200mm)
Feed Roller System :: ForstGrip Feed Roller System
Flywheel System :: Open Top Flywheel (640 x 25mm) Twin 8” Blades
Engine :: Kubota Diesel 35HP
No Stress System :: AutoIntelligence No Stress Device
Feed System :: AutoIntelligence Fully Water & Vibration Proof Touch Pads
Fuel Capacity :: 30 Litres
Noise Level :: Lwa 122dB
Machine Width (hopper on) :: 1150mm
Machine Width (hopper off) :: 800mm
Machine Length :: 2650mm
Machine Height :: 2450mm (with chute)
Weight :: 1300kg


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