The Redwood Story

Founded in 2006 Redwood started its life as an importer of woodchippers from Germany. As time moved on Redwood became known as the best trusted supplier of woodchippers in the industry. Hungry for better product and with a desire to deliver true excellence to its customers Redwood moved into designing and building its own woodchippers – Först.

Today and 7 years after the birth of Först, the company is the largest producer of commercial woodchippers in Europe with a subsidiary business operating from two locations in Germany and with a dealer network worldwide.

Redwood enjoys the unique position in the industry as the only manufacturer selling and hiring direct to the end user. We are specialists in our field and our core customers are made up of arborists, utilities companies, local authorities and hire companies.

Redwood are experts in delivering bespoke, fully maintained hire packages to our clients and also stock Europes largest selection of used woodchippers of every make and size.

If you need a professional woodchipper we have a solution for you.


The Redwood Values

1. Dependability

Providing assurance to you that you are backed all the way. This core value is experienced from your first communication with Redwood right through to the complete fulfilment of your needs. It is expressed in exceptional customer service every time.

2. Understanding

Putting ourselves in your shoes. We understand what is important to you as our customer and we will strive to deliver exactly what you require. Understanding involves listening to our customers to develop products and services which ensure you have the best machine or solution for your job.

3. Consistency

Straight talking. We are honest with you about what we can deliver and honest with ourselves about what we need to do better to continually improve. We are never satisfied with where we are today and we always strive to be the best we can be.

Who is Redwood Global?

Redwood Global is the company that sells hire and second hand woodchippers. It is also the parent company for the Forst brand and owns the Forst IP and manufacturers the Forst products.

Redwood Global is synonymous with outstanding customer service, reliable trust worthy products and the true experts in the field of machinery for arboriculture. There isn’t anything our people don’t know about how to produce a premium woodchipper and keep it working at its best.


What is Forst?

The leading woodchipper brand today. Först is owned by Redwood Global and is manufactured in Andover, Hampshire. Forst is a culmination of years of experience in selling and working with Woodchippers and the result is outstanding! You can visit the Först brand site at